February 13, 2008

thanks for your prayers

I am enjoying the few minutes of quiet here at my computer desk since I have so many things whirling through my mind as we are getting closer and closer to our return to the States! We are really looking forward to seeing everyone again and we have only 10 days left till we get on a plane. In those 10 days we are packing in way too many things!! We have a wedding to attend, a trip to Swaziland for short term team planning (we hope to do the trip in one day!!), a massive conference to help with, and ministry things to wrap up before we leave. Our checklist is long, but definitely not impossible. We are taking a mental break tonight and are going to our teammate’s home for a game night.

First of all – Miesha’s visa did come through and we had it in our hands as of last Wednesday. I don’t want to tell the long version of the story because it was excruciatingly frustrating for us…but the short version is – praise God, it arrived in time!

The guys who traveled up to Zimbabwe had an amazing week and said it was on of their “best ever” trips. God moved in hearts, pastors were trained and they said “even though the electricity is out (often for weeks at a time!) God’s fire is burning bright in their hearts!”

This week we celebrated our anniversary of living and working in South Africa for 2 years. Wow! God is good.

Please pray for us as we prepare for our journey home and for safety in our travels until we see you again.

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meleea said...

so thankful to hear of the visa. we have been praying for you to get it. we look forward to seeing your smiling faces and that beautiful baby. we will pray for safe travels