February 4, 2008

Super Bowl in Africa...

Some friends from church were interested in learning how "american football" is played. (Football everywhere else in the world equals soccer!) They decided they would host the party at their house, but we had to help them make it as American as possible with the proper snacks and inviting a bunch of other Americans.

We had the option of watching a rerun at a decent hour Monday evening, but the 12 of us all decided it would be more fun to all hang out in the middle of the night and watch it in real time. We are crazy, but it was fun to be up from 12:30am - 5am explaining football. They kept saying, "That is similar to rugby when they do..." The game was a great one, but not as much fun as in the states since we don't have your commercials here. Dan and I will go on the internet to look at them later today.