February 13, 2008

My husband is SO lucky!

Dan tends to drive with a bit of a lead foot and easily picks up speeding tickets.

This last month Dan was ticketed 6x in the same speed trap about 4 blocks from our house. It is at the bottom of a hill and we were pretty sure that wasn’t legal. He went this morning to renew his license and to ask about the tickets. He got ALL 6 of them revoked since the police hadn’t done the proper paperwork to be at that particular site.


Just after Dan called me with this news, I was driving and saw a similar speed trap which was also at the bottom of a hill. This car was flying down the hill and the policeman actually jumped out into the street in front of the car to flag it over to ticket it since there wasn’t a squad car there…just a couple guys hiding in the bushes with a camera. I was certain he was going to die. CRAZY.

One more ticket story – our Canadian teammate Craig’s middle name is Clinton and on Canadian licenses the first and middle name are on the first line and the last name is on the second. He has gotten out of so many tickets because the police think he is related to Bill Clinton. "How is Bill? Do you think Hilary will win?" Pretty funny!

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