April 25, 2008

My Little Easter Bunny

I know it is WAY past Easter, but I can't resist posting some adorable photos of my daughter.

Miesha wasn't comfortable sharing the spotlight with our real bunny. This one is probably going to really cost me with her therapy bills someday...but SOOO cute!

April 24, 2008

Taking a sip from the cup of JOY

I have recently been challenged recently both by the Joyce Meyer study we are doing in Mom’s Group – Battlefield for the Mind - and also through watching a friend here work through some tough circumstances.

My life here in Africa can either be good or hard and I truly can decide what it is going to be.

I can either focus on the fact that I really miss my family and that my nieces and nephews are growing up without me in their lives, the fact that the crime here is ridiculous and that I need to always be alert and watchful so I don’t become a victim, that ministry is hard and unfamiliar, I make cultural blunders, I don’t understand enough language to get their jokes, I can’t buy some of my favorite things to eat here, imported things from America you have to pay too much for, our car is too small, the cost of gas, and on and on…

OR I can remind myself that being a missionary has been my dream since I was in High School, we are living in one of the most modern cities in Africa so it could be a whole lot worse, the people here are super friendly, forgiving and accommodating when I make mistakes, we have a wonderful church family and are deepening friendships with many people, I am in a great Bible study, the sunsets are amazing, African game parks are SO fun, the ocean is warm, we have internet and web cams for keeping in touch with our families, we love our work here, my husand is watching the baby so I can get some computer time…you get the picture.

My friend started a blog called “instead…bless”. It is this same concept. Instead of complaining…bless. Instead of focusing on yourself…bless others.

It truly is in my mind and I can choose. Today…I choose JOY!