April 17, 2011

Easter Camp

Thanks for your prayers for us this week. Our week was full of unexciting things like updating our database, researching insurance companies and errand running. Sometimes even missionaries have boring weeks! We are preparing for our church's Easter Conference (April 21-27), we also participated in part of a worship conference, and hosted a Zambian missionary at our home for a couple nights this week, so we had a few fun things interspersed in there.

Easter Conference (also known as The King's Feast) is a special time where anyone who is a member of the churches belonging to our network can come and hear some international speakers and have some incredible times of worship. They will come from Zambia, Zimbabwe, and all over South Africa. It has always been a super special time. In the past month, it seems like God has been showing His goodness in some pretty tangible ways to people at our church – it will be amazing to celebrate all together!

Dan has been on the planning committee again this year and has a pretty long "to-do" list to punch out before Wednesday. Please pray that things would come together smoothly and easily.

This coming week, we would love prayer for:

  • Safety as we travel south 4 hours to Bloemfontein with multiple trailers full of equipment.

  • Health – the weather is changing here (it is officially COLD) and that usually brings out the sniffles in our family

  • That we, and those attending, would learn from the Word and have an incredible time in the Lord's presence.

Also, we will pick up my sister Julie from the airport as we are driving back into town on the 27th. She is participating in the AMT training in Zambia with Overland Missions and will be up there on base from May-July. We are really looking forward to time with her! She is about 70% supported last I heard. If you would like to give her a one time gift to help cover her training fees – please send her an email at jfengeman@gmail.com

You probably won't hear from us next weekend because we'll have limited (or no) internet service while in Bloemfontein. We are excited to tell stories and show pictures when we return.

And then in May…we start packing! Wahoo!

Dan's birthday is tomorrow (18th). Please feel free to congratulate him on aging or send him cheesy e-cards to danielhartley@oci.org


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