May 10, 2011

Our April...

Before I jump into all the incredible things God has done in the last three weeks, I need to interject a few business things first in case a few of you don’t read to the end of this note.

This month (May) is the last month for you all to give to our ministry needs through One Challenge Int (OC). As of next month (June 1st) please stop giving through OC and begin giving to us through donations to Overland Missions.

As you continue to support us financially or if you would like to begin investing into our ministry with Overland, would you please direct your financial support with the designation “3074” (our new account number) in the memo line, payable to:

Overland Missions
P.O. Box 566
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

USA Office:
Phone: 1-321-452-9696

We expect our overhead costs to decrease moving forward, but in the next few months we have some significant expenses ahead with regards to our big international move. Even if you are not a regular contributor, will you please consider giving a one-time gift to help with our moving costs? It would be a tremendous blessing for us – thank you!! (if you have any questions about the process, please email us at

Easter Conference in Bloemfontein
We had an amazing week away at our church’s Easter Conference (aka The Kings Feast). Dan had been working on administrative pieces for this for around 6 months and it was incredible to see how everything came together. We hosted two international worship leaders and once again were blessed by a former Shiite Muslim’s words of encouragement and exhortation as the main speaker. On Easter Sunday, we had a time of unbroken worship that lasted from 7am-9pm with various worship teams taking turns leading. It was a fantastic time of encouragement and refreshment with other believers! There was some beautiful worshipful art paintings done and several people were healed by prayer. Amazing!

A Sister in Town
A few hours after getting home from the conference, I drove to the airport to pick up my sister Julie. Some of you may be thinking, “wait, didn’t she just visit you in Oct last year??” I am delighted to announce that my sister Julie has also joined Overland Missions and is going through their Advanced Missions Training for the May – July class. (We will be in the Sept – Nov class) She flew in a week early to spend some time with our family before flying up to Zambia. I can’t tell you how amazing it will be to be able to do ministry with my sister in the future – I can’t wait!

We have been slowly phasing out of formal ministry as we prepare for the BIG CHANGE. (Moving to Zambia) We have a few more things Dan is helping with at the church, but the month of May is largely for us to focus on our big To Do List. We gave notice for our rental house and our home has to be completely packed up by the end of this month. We also have a few other big things on our list like updating our will, researching and signing up for a new insurance company, setting a new missionary budget, updating our address database…all of which are rather time consuming. We have some incredible friends who have offered to come and help us pack or to play with our kids so we can pack uninterrupted. This will be a life-saver! However, PLEASE PRAY FOR US, especially in the next 3 weeks. I know we can do it, but it looks a little overwhelming right now. Here is a picture of my two cute moving assistants.

Then, after that…we are still working out the details. The month of June we expect to be bouncing around a little bit. Our goal is to spend some quality time with ministry partners at each of the construction projects Dan has helped with. We hope to do more work in Swaziland for a couple days with the Chomba family at Hope House, spend time in Nelspruit with the Mongwes at Impilo Orphan Village, and then up in Temba at House of Hope with Bill Rapier. For one week, some people we barely know at church have given us a week’s vacation all paid at their time share in Mpumalanga. We also have been invited to go hunting at some friend’s game farm in the Eastern Cape for a week. Those two weeks are going to be incredibly needed by then I think! It will be great to have some quality family time as we prepare to transition.

Although this may be subject to change, based on what we know now, we think that we will drive up to Zambia sometime the second week of July. We are so excited that you are with us on this journey!

Thank you for all your prayers.

Janell for our family