May 10, 2008

Bunny loves Kitty

Okay, this week something really weird happened at our house...something I have never seen before.

We have been wondering for awhile whether our rabbit is male or female and now we know. Our white bunny Marshmallow (pictured in the blog below) is definitely a BOY. We know this for certain because he was totally hitting on our female kitty Cheeto. To keep this blog PG I am not going to give details, but she could definitely sue him for sexual harassment!

Good thing Cheeto is neutered otherwise we might have a litter of "Bittens". You know, bunny/kittens.

More good money down the tube for therapy!

And yes, all our animals are named for food we miss from the states! Java is our dog (coffee is WAY better in the states) Pepsi and Cheeto are our cats, and Marshmallow is our bunny. Here there are no regular flavored marshmallows. You can buy chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and litchi flavored mallows. Yup - litchi. That one doesn't really work in smores.

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