December 18, 2007

Proud Parents

For unto us a child is born…
Isaiah 9:6a

Miesha Noelle Hartley
born in Johannesburg, South Africa
At 12:12pm on 12-12-2007
7lbs 8oz, 20 ½ inches

Proud Parents: Dan and Janell

We were a week overdue and went to the hospital last Tuesday night to get induced. When the Doctor broke my water Wednesday morning they saw meconium in the amniotic fluid which means that Miesha had a bowel movement in my womb. They made the decision to do a C-section to prevent her from getting any of that in her lungs and we were holding her 90 minutes later. We are so grateful to God that she was born healthy! I am a little sore from the surgery and am moving slowly but other then that both Miesha and I are doing great. She is absolutely delightful and we are enjoying the process of figuring her out. We have deliberately planned a quiet schedule in the next couple weeks and we have great support from our missionary teammates and our friends from church who are bringing us meals.

A few of you have asked…Miesha is pronounced Mee’-sha. The meaning is "who is like unto God". Obviously the online vote was largely in support of the middle name Noelle and the meaning is "born at Christmas time" We agree with you all!

I’ll be posting more pictures in the next couple days.

Thank you for your love and prayers for us in our new adventure of parenting!


Marnee said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations to you both! You will be wonderful parents. Can't wait to see you guys in February!

Dawn said...

I am so happy for you!! Praise the LORD for a healthy beauty!! May God grant you rest and recuperation as you enjoy the wonder of this beautiful baby girl!!!

Love in Christ-

Dawn O'Meara

The Pace Posse said...

Congratulations! She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

What joy to have a brand new baby to love and cuddle. Enjoy her! :)


The Emery's said...

Congratulations!!! She is just beautifully precious! Much love & prayers! ~Michelle

Mrs. D said...

What a beauty.

Joshua Kuo said...

Awww, beautiful baby!

klyn said...

Dan and Janelle,
Miesha is beautiful! We are praying for the three of you! Have a Merry Christmas!
The Bennett Family

mlmcknight said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see you guys when you come back for a visit!

Anonymous said...

Janell & Dan, She is beautiful! Congratulations! We are excited to see you all in February. Until then rest and enjoy each new day of discovery with your daughter. Judy Collins

Erica Hanson said...

Yeah!!! She is so beautiful...Finally I can see her outside the belly :) Congrats you guys, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your new little one!


Annette said...

So excited for you guys!!!! Congratulations on such a beautiful baby girl! peace and much sleep to you all!

the Martins (mark, annette, ande aimee and henry)

Eryn said...

What a beauty!!Congratulations to you both...Can't wait to meet her in person!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Harleys!
We are a little slow, but just found your blog and enjoyed reading it! She is beautiful and we pray that you enjoy your christmas with her!
Michelle and Greg

Erica said...

What a beautiful little girl!! Congratulations!! I'm so glad to hear about her and that you're both healthy!!!

The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

Hey guys-
Found your blog from Michelle's. So cool to catch up on your life in South Africa via the blog world. Your daughter is beautiful- congratulations. Being a parent is so overwhelmingly exciting =)!
Cheers! Mark & Candace (from old MBC and Central Bible days)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Hartleys!
Hope you had a blessed Christmas as well as a new-life-celebration :)
- dawnette

michelle said...

She is so beautiful. Congratulations to you both. We are so excited to see her. What a gift from God!