December 7, 2007

no baby yet

Being overdue is not fun. Our Dr. said that he will induce labor at one week past which would be the 12th of Dec. At least we have an end date in sight. I am very ready to carry her on the outside rather then the inside!

This was on last Tues at 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant!

We do need her to come out soon because we need the maximum amount of days to get her birth certificate and passport in process so it will be ready by February when we have tickets to fly to the states. We have a short window of time.

The city of Johannesburg becomes like a ghost town from about December 15-January 10 as at least 50% (if not more!) of the population goes out of town. The malls are practically vacant, no traffic... (Sound like your December shopping experience?!!) Everyone goes on vacation for like a month. Tons of businesses shut down for the month and last year we found out that most churches cancel 3 Sunday services. Yup, no Christmas Eve, Christmas, or New Years service. We seriously had a hard time finding a church to go to for a Christmas service! A little different here.

Something else that is a little different...listening to Christmas music in the car with the air conditioning on!

Promise to post when baby Miesha is born.

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Shannon said...

I hope she comes SOON! I was 9 days over with Emily, so I totally know how you are feeling!

Praying for a safe, easy delivery and a healthy baby!