November 3, 2007

Pregnancy in South Africa

In case you haven’t guessed yet by the voting buttons and the timeline till our due date………yes, we are pregnant and are expecting our baby girl in late November or early December. We are going to call her Miesha and would love your vote for her middle name.

Some fun facts about pregnancy in Africa:

At the black African church in Jabavu that we’ve been attending off and on since we’ve arrived, they don’t say “pregnant” or “pregnancy”. When they started noticing my growing bump, they said, “Oh, you are blessed! When is the little blessing due?” I really like that!

Another English speaking multi-racial church near our home that we have been visiting asked if they could do a baby shower for us. They keep calling Dan’s cell phone to ask him details about dates, girl or boy, etc. We picked a date together and he called them back, just to find out that baby showers in South Africa are surprises. That cultural tidbit we did not know before!!

I was invited to my friend Lollie’s baby shower. She is a white African and an Afrikaans speaker (this usually means her ancestors were Dutch). While most others here call them baby showers, in this case I was invited to Lollie’s Stork Tea. That was a first for me! Her sister emailed me the invitation and directions to the tea garden and it said this: “Jy word vriendelik uitgenooi na Lollie se ooievaarstee. Sien asb uitnodiging!” Yeah, I didn’t understand much of it either. (I was the only first language English speaker invited!!) Of course my email filter thought it was junk and I didn’t find it till after the shower, so I called Lollie to ask for directions. I realize now that since showers are surprises, I ruined that for her without knowing it! That is living in a new culture for you. Sorry Lollie!

This photo was taken at 7 months pregnant. I'll post an updated one soon.

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