November 19, 2007

Baby Shower #2

This last Thursday the ladies from Breakthru Life Church hosted a “stork tea” or baby shower for me. It was beautiful, very memorable, and really different then the shower hosted by the Americans! It was wonderful to get to know some of the gals better – thank goodness for name tags. We played a game, then they went around the room and all told me the 3-5 minute version of their life story (complete with an embarrassing moment!) so I could get to know them better. There was a baby shower dance for me… which actually wasn’t as cheesy as the pictures make it look. I did however get wrapped up in this gauzy pink fabric at the end!

The song they danced to was Twila Paris – May the Lord Bless You and Keep You – it was a beautiful and very worshipful song. There was an extended time of prayer and several of the gals had words from the Lord about Miesha which was amazing and really blessed me. The gifts were great and then we ate goodies together till super late.

Dan and I spent a couple hours last Saturday finalizing things in the nursery. Here are some pictures. I really like how it turned out. A couple of you asked why the crib is so tall – we are going to put a mosquito net over it eventually. Then don’t have screens on ANY of the windows or doors here which gets problematic on really hot nights with bugs. Bugs are bigger here…but that is for another posting!

Just need a few more of those fabric boxes, then it will be perfect.

Went to the Dr today and he said everything is progressing great. Miesha is now 7lbs and we have around 2 weeks left. He thinks she’ll come early and with the heat now – that would be fine by me!

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Shannon said...

OH, it's looking so adorable. Again, I'm so amazed at what you guys have done yourselves.

How exciting that the day is almost here.

Good job on politely finishing your bite. That's a funny story! =)

Happy Thanksgiving!