February 24, 2009

SO Tired

I think that if you looked up the definition of "Exhausted" in the dictionary today, you'd find my name under the definition. I seriously have never been this tired in my entire life. My first trimester is totally kicking my butt. Dan said that he has never seen someone sleep so much and still be so tired! That is why I have been ignoring my blog and only posting stuff that I wrote already for something else. Hee!

Poor guy. He has really stepped up to help around the house, with Miesha, basically with everything I usually do. He might actually write the prayer letter for me this month! Lol.

I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow. It is too soon yet to tell the sex, but we definitely will want to know as soon as we can. I am betting this one is a boy! Only a boy could wear me down this much and just be the size of a lime.

We will probably have another ultrasound tomorrow and I love seeing the little person grow and hearing the heartbeat.

If you are a praying friend of mine, please ask the Lord to give me an extra dose of energy in these next couple days. I really need it. There are a zillion things we need to do before we fly back to the states in less than 2 months.

I read somewhere that lions sleep 20 hours a day...that sounds pretty good right now!


Shannon said...

Sorry the little one is making you so tired. It's amazing how pregnancy affects us so differently each time! I remember those tired days!

Oh....and my official congrats since I haven't sent them yet! I'm so excited for you.

niccolew said...

Said a prayer for you tonight. It's been forever since we've seen eachother. I love catching up with your blog and seeing how things are going. Everytime you have come home and done a church lunch, we have been out of town. Perhaps on this next trip we'll get to connect for s short while. Prayers and Blessings.