November 3, 2008

What did I buy??

Today, I wore my "slops" to the grocery store and I bought a "paw paw" and a "spanspek". What do you think these are? Leave me your guesses in my comments section and then I'll tell you what they are in a couple days!


Trayson said...

Is it cheating if I use Google to my aid? My "guesses"
-A fruit that's like an apple
-A fruit that's like a canteloupe

klyn said...

"slops" have to be flip flops! Mine are buried under rainy day footwear right now - sad!

"paw paw" and "spanspek"

hmm - wild guess: banana and crackers! I have no idea.

michelle said...

Such a clever post wish I thought of it. :-)

gran family said...

I'm thinking slippers or flip flops for your slops.

PawPaw- a papaya?
Spanspek- a hair brush?

Remember that scene in Little Mermaid when they called everyday utensils funny names? :) that's what this reminds me of!