September 17, 2008

it's been a long time

This is another posting to say "sheesh, I haven't written anything in forever!" and to again promise that I at least hope to post some really great stories and pictures soon. My parents have now been here 3 weeks and we have enjoyed their visit. My mom watched Miesha for me several times in the afternoons so I could "get stuff done" but instead of blogging I have prioritized SLEEPING and also trying to finish some 80 thank you notes from baby shower gifts given to Miesha in March. SO embarrassing!

Miesha is trying to cut 4 teeth at once and she is SO close - we can see all of them because her gums are so thin. She has been a little more "relational" (can't be without her mother for more than 10 seconds) and also is a little more fussy. For a week there she was up 4-5x a night again. I am tired!!

As much as we've enjoyed my folks here, it will also be nice to be just us again for a while. We have either had people living with us or we have been on the road traveling to do ministry/mission trips for 8 of the last 12 weeks. Miesha told me recently she wants to stay home for longer than a couple days this time.

I totally understand! More coming soon. (I hope!)

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