August 7, 2008

Resurrection Plant

I have a before and after picture of a plant that was given to me. A couple weeks ago with Kristen and Ruth we went on a nature hike guided by our new friend Oldrich. He is an expert in nature and conservation and has been creating a nature trail (takes anywhere between 4-7 hours to hike it) to bring in money and tourism for an impoverished community. Great guy and a really neat idea...

At the top of the hill, Oldrich broke off a couple pieces of a plant that looked like it had been burned. He gave me a piece and here it is:

This is the plant after it has been in water for 2 days. Pretty cool!

The locals call it the Resurrection Plant because it obviously looks dead and then comes back to life with water!

I haven't written in awhile because we have been out of town with Team #2 to Swaziland and then after we got home, all 3 of us have been really sick with head colds. Blech.

I am feeling a little bit like this plant before it got water. I am tired, prickly, feeling a bit dry and in need of some refreshment! Please pray for our family. We are in need of healing for our sickness and must be well before we travel up to Zambia early next week with Team #3.

I want to be like this plant and bust out with leaves and healthiness so that I can be a blessing to this next team and to the Zambians we will be ministering to.

So much to do...but if you are lucky, I may get one more blog posted before we go! However, when I get a few more minutes to myself, I have some amazing pics of Swaziland to post for you all to see.

Baby girl just woke up - gotta go!

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klyn said...

What a wonderful image of how dried up I can become when I distance myself from my Father through busyness or disobedience! How refreshed and more alive I am when I draw near to Him!
Thanks for the post!
Praying for you all - may your cup be filled to overflowing!