June 14, 2008

Maria is my new best friend

Today, looking around my home I had a funny feeling. An unfamiliar feeling. I have had this feeling before, but not in a long, long time. I felt serene and peaceful.

All my dishes and my laundry are finished at the same time! I look around at the rooms in my house and don't see a speck of dirt. It truly is a miracle!

It isn't like we are slobs, but Dan has been building an orphanage this week, then doing sound for a conference at our church this weekend and has been working 11 and 12 hour days. I have been prioritizing the planning for the upcoming short term teams every second that Miesha is napping. Our precious daughter has become a bit of an insomniac (stayed up till 12:30 last night, up at 1:30, 4:30, and again at 6am this morning!) Man am I tired!! Besides, spending time with our daughter is just WAY more fun than housework!

There was no way I was going to be able to get my house clean to my standards before 2 gals come to live with us for 3 weeks, so I called in reinforcements.

Yes, I had help. My birthday is Monday and as a gift to myself I hired Maria to come and clean today. She was here for most of the day and my house is now sparkling, my stress is GREATLY reduced, and I actually like where I live again!

Best of all, it only cost me the equavilant of $14 and Maria supports 10 family members. That is the best $14 I have spent in a long time. Warm fuzzies everywhere!!!


Megan said...

I definately need a Maria! That has to be one of the best Birthday presents ever!

gran family said...

Happy Birthday Janell! wow, what a birthday present. :) So jealous. and LOVE the new pics of Miesha. she is such a pretty baby!