January 14, 2008

Witherow boys and Miesha

Our teammates John and Heather Witherow have "done life" with us for 4 years now as we prepared to come and then adjusting to Africa here together. We moved to Africa within 23 hours of each other and God has used them to be such a tremendous blessing to us. They have 3 wonderful boys and this blog is to tell you some cute stories about them.

Their son Jake age 5 is really great with Miesha - always checking in on her and making sure she is happy. When she was crying the other day at their house he asked if we could put a Thomas the Train video in. They make him really happy and he was sure it would make her feel better as well! At first he was a little confused about her name since she was born at Christmas time. Since Christmas is about baby Jesus coming to earth, he mixed up baby Jesus and baby Miesha. Our little girl was called baby Jesus at their house for a couple days!

Then, this week their youngest Caleb, age 4, has started pretending to be baby Miesha. He'll go up to his mom lift up his arms, say he is baby Miesha and "cry" asking to be picked up. Pretty cute!

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